0300 102 0008

Call the Helpline- 0300 102 0008

Calling the Helpline can let you speak with our professional staff to help solve your problems.

Other Useful Contact Us Numbers:

Alzheimer’s Society: 0300 3690570
Attendance Allowance Helpline: 0345 6056055
Carers Allowance Helpline: 0345 6084321
Crossroads Together: 0333 3231990
Cheshire Autism Practical Support: 0844 8508607
Cheshire West Adult Social Care: 0300 123 7034 (out of hours) 01244 977277
Cheshire Young Carers 0151 3563176
Making Space Ellesmere Port: 0151 4888388
Making Space Northwich: 01606 606694
Neuromuscular Centre 01606 860911
Pension Credit: 0844 8260567
Red Cross: 0844 871800
Rural Community Services 07923 425239
Stroke Association: 01244 389264

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We also have information on our on website that you can look through such as Information for Carers and also Forms. Each one of these pages have subtexts in them so you can get more information out of them. We can help carers get onto their feet and give them a break from their caring roles.

Workfit Membership

The Carers are now entitled to a Workfit membership if they are registered with the Cheshire West Carer Support service. This gives them a reduced monthly membership to them and their families of £26 per month through Brio. They just need to request a letter from the...

Chat to Carers Online

If you would like to chat to other carers online or get online support you could try an online forum. Carers FIRST’s Carer Forum Open to all carers aged 18+, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Carers FIRST's Carers Forum aims to give carers the opportunity to chat...

Carer’s Assessment

If you're a carer, a carer's assessment is a chance to discuss your needs with your local council. The assessment is free and your local council will use it to decide what support to give you. Don't be put off by the word 'assessment'. It is not a test about how good...

Working and Learning

Many carers juggle paid work alongside unpaid caring. Find out about support for carers, flexible working, finding work, getting work experience, applications and interviews, and benefits you can claim if you are working or looking for work. If you are a carer and...

Legal and Rights

Finding time now to sort out your legal and financial affairs, and those of the person you care for, can make financial and legal issues a lot easier to manage in the future. You, and the person you care for, may want to write a will to make sure you have your say...

How your School can support Young Carers

Find out about initiatives making it easier for schools to support young carers. Young Carers in Schools is a free initiative making it easy for schools to support young carers. Young Carers Awareness Day raises awareness of the challenges faced by young carers and...

Getting Support if you are a Young Carer or Young Adult Carer

There are lots of organisations that can help you if you are a young carer or young adult carer. Find young carer services near you Carers Trust's local Network Partners are carer services in England, Scotland and Wales, offering information, advice, practical support...

Out and About

Whether you are doing some shopping, going to a hospital appointment or having a day out there is lots of support to help you, and the person you care for, get about. There are national schemes that can help with: Accessible toilets Parking (Blue Badge Parking Scheme)...

Carer Services Near You

Enter your location or your full postcode at : https://carers.org/help-and-info/carer-services-near-you

Getting a Break

If you're a carer, you might need to take a break sometimes. For more information go to: https://carers.org/getting-a-break/getting-a-break For more information go to: https://cheshireandwarringtoncarers.org/events/

Events and Support Groups

Contact us about Events and Support Groups, these are frequent and can help you meet people who are in the same situation as you. You will also be joined with one of our support team members and you can ask them questions. Events can range to Lunch Clubs or full on day trips. For example Ness Gardens.

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