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Neuromuscular Centre

The Neuromuscular Centre is one of 3 organisations (see also Rural Community Services and Crossroads Together) who provide a respite service as part of the Cheshire West Carer Support Service. This enables Carers to take a break and to find a balance between caring and looking after themselves, particularly if they have other commitments, such as family or a job. They provide emergency respite care for adults with a neuromuscular condition at their Centre in Winsford.

The Neuromuscular Centre (NMC) offers a service to enable Carers of people with neuromuscular conditions in Cheshire West and Chester to have access to urgent specialist respite in times of particular stress or pressure. The service is delivered by enabling the cared for person to come to the NMC’s Centre in Winsford for a day of respite care as requested. This offering of respite is in addition to the regular services offered by the NMC for people with neuromuscular conditions and their families and Carers. This respite is for circumstances such as a family bereavement, when a Carer needs an operation or to attend important meetings, or just to prevent the individual reaching breaking point. Respite provided at the NMC is geared for all those with neuromuscular conditions including those who are extremely frail and in need of high levels of care. NMC has all the trained people, the experience, the skills, and the equipment, to ensure individuals are safe and able to be comfortable, relaxed and enjoyably busy, with access to all facilities, including our gym, various clubs and outdoor spaces.

The NMC is fully accessible and adapted to suit the specific needs of those with neuromuscular conditions. Return specialist adapted and accessible transport is available on request. The NMC has fully trained care staff to provide all the care and support that anyone might need. In some cases the individual would already know those care staff because they might well already be receiving regular physiotherapy at NMC, meaning that the people and environment are familiar. All of the resources of the NMC ensure that the Carer can relax and know with confidence that their period of respite will not be interrupted. They will feel completely confident that the cared for person is in very safe hands.

Contact Details:

Telephone: Denise Boyall on 01606 860911
E-mail: denise.boyall@nmcentre.com
website: https://www.nmcentre.com/

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