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Cheshire West Carer Support Service comprises of six voluntary sector organisations with Cheshire and Warrington Carers Trust as the Lead Provider. The organisations involved in this integrated Carer Support Service will work together to provide comprehensive information, support and advice to Carers aged 18+ in Cheshire West and Chester.

The new Carer Support Service will continue to offer many of the groups and activities which Carers tell us are effective in meeting their needs, but will also introduce new support opportunities across the borough.

Our Services Include:

  • Information, support and advice for Carers
  • Specialist support for Carers of someone with a learning disability
  • Specialist support for Carers of someone with a mental health issue
  • Specialist support for Carers of someone with dementia
  • Respite services

You can see who we work with and what each organisation does and how they can help you as a Carer. Please take your time to read it and get familiar with our services then call our lead providers helpline (0300 102 0008) or email (advice@cheshireandwarringtoncarers.org)

The main route in to the Cheshire West Carer Support Service will be through the helpline which will be available Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm. This service has been developed through listening to Carers to ensure a one stop shop for information, support and advice, irrespective of who they care for and where they live in Cheshire West and Chester. Services will be delivered from each of the service providers’ premises and at outreach locations across the borough. If you are a Carer or someone working to support Carers, please do contact us so that we can provide you with the information and support you need.

Each organisation will continue to provide support for Carers but will use a shared recording system to demonstrate how Carers are supported and to ensure that Carers do not have to repeat their situation again and again. For the next 3 years we will work collectively across Cheshire West and Chester to identify and support as many Carers as possible, making sure that Carers’ views, knowledge and experiences are listened to and used to shape services offered.

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